In their steps–five ways to improve your writing

I  remember Charles Hargett, an interim pastor at Highland Baptist Church in the 1980’s, discussing the proliferation of knowledge in the latter days.  Turn on the Internet and then tell me he was not prophetic–actually, God gets the credit rather than man.  I have writing skills-the mechanical aspects are quite good, based on over twenty-five years as a classroom teacher of English.  These mechanical skills are not enough to follow through with a novel, however.

I turned to Amazon for writing instruction book and to the Internet. I read widely and took advice freely given to start me. We all know reading a book is not enough to start a writing career.  There have been many sites that I have turned to repetitively as i began to apply the lessons. No, I have not yet finished  my novel. But I want others to join me on this writing journey.

Now I do as they did and pass this information on to you.  First, there are many others, but this list will get you started. Good luck and may God bless  your efforts.

  1. One of my first writing helper websites I discovered was that of Holly Lisle.  Through her website I discovered many inexpensive courses and much encouragement to write.
  2. Libby Hawker has a Kindle book, Take Off Your Pants! Outline Your Books for Faster, Better Writing. Libby also pointed me to a second book she had found helpful.  I concur. I had to wait several weeks to get a used copy. It may be out of print, but I recommend it next.
  3. John Truby, The Anatomy of Story:  22 Steps to Becoming a Master Storyteller.
  4. Janice Hardy’s Fiction University website.
  5. The Write Life, Ali Luke, BookBub Partners, Book Baby, Writing and Illustrating  are websites providing immense information that I have archived.

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